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Published Aug 27, 21
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How To Write An Article To Create An Income

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S o, you've decided to start a blog, but you have no idea how to go about it? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. We've been teaching people how to start successful blogs and make money on the side for years. In this guide we’ll teach you how to start your own blog step by step.

Why Start a Blog? Whatever your reasons for starting a blog, there are plenty of benefits you might not even realize! Here are just a few reasons to start a blog: : We’re starting with the best reason first! A blog has the potential to make money every month through various methods.

A blog is the best way to spread the word.: Maybe you already have a business and want to generate leads and get more customers. Publishing fresh content to a blog is the best way to do that.: Blogging improves your writing skills. You can share your stories, encourage people and build a community through your blogs.

Tips For Writing 1,500 Word Articles For Money

However, as tempting as it may sound, choosing the free option is full of risks and limitations. Our advice would be to steer clear off the free blogging platforms. A free option might be a good idea if you just want to start a basic blog as a hobby and don’t care about making money from it.

Your blog will have ads, which can be disrupting for your readers and look unprofessional. Signing up for a free blog is good for testing the waters, but if you really want to scale your blog then you’ll need a premium blogging site. And to be honest, starting a blog doesn’t even cost much.

How To Write 500 Word Blogs For BusinessesHow To Write 500 Word Blogs For Money
Let AI Write Your Blog Content - Free Trial Offer

Of course, it’s best if you can find a topic that fits both! But if you have to choose out of the two, the best approach in our opinion is to . If you pick a topic that people are searching for, then you’ll have a good chance of getting a lot of traffic to your blog.

How To Write 2,500 Word Blogs For Businesses

We’ll get to the monetization part in the later section. A lot of people will also tell you that you need to be an expert to blog on the topic you have chosen. That’s not necessarily true! You only need to have an honest interest in the topic you have chosen, and then you can learn about it as you go.

What is search volume? It simply refers to the number of people who are searching for your topic and related topics, with online search engines like Google - article writing for clients. To find out if your topic is worth blogging about, ask yourself: Are there other blogs on your topic? Are there any popular blogs that have more than 10,000 subscribers? Are there any popular Facebook groups on your topic? Are there popular books on your topic? Are there questions on Quora or other forums on your topic, that have a good number of views and answers? If most of the answers to the questions above are “yes”, then you’re on the right track! That means that there are a good number of people out there who are interested in reading about that topic.

A lot of people make mistakes when it comes to choosing the right blogging platform. We have covered a separate guide on how to choose the best blogging platform to help you avoid making that mistake (blog writing for SEO). Now for the question, which blogging platform should you choose? The best by far is .

How To Create A Blog Like A Professional Writer

Word, Press currently powers 33. 4% of the internet! That’s one third of the internet itself. Word, Press currently holds more than 60% of the market share and is being used by brands like BBC, Wired, Time Magazine and the New York Post. With Word, Press, you can install plugins of your choice and you can customize your website anyway you want.

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The Word, Press software itself is free, but since it’s a self-hosted platform you’ll have to pay for the hosting and domain name – more on that below. If you’re ready to get started with Word, Press now, you can click here and follow along in the next step: Now that we’re done with this step let’s move on to the next.

What are hosting and domain names? is where your website lives, like your website’s house on the internet. This is where all your website files are stored. Every website needs web hosting – without it, you won’t be able to take your blog live. A is the address of your website.

How To Automatically Write 4,000 Word Articles For Clients

How To Write 3,000 Word Blog Posts For Digital MarketingHow To Start Writing 1,000 Word Blogs To Sell On Legiit

How to Get Started With Bluehost Once you have clicked on the link, you’ll be redirected to Bluehost Website. Once you are there, click on “get started”. As shown in the screenshot below. You’ll then be taken to a page where you have to pick a pricing plan. Select the one that suits you best.

If you are having a hard time deciding on which domain name to choose, you can use our domain name generator to get ideas. If you want to wait and think about it, then you can click on “Choose free domain later”. Next, you’ll have to enter your account information and select the account plan.

How To Automatically Write 1,000 Word Articles For Digital MarketingHow To Automatically Write 2,000 Word Articles For Money

The installer will also show you some essentials plugins to install, you can add those to the installation process. Then click on the button to continue. This will start the installation and it will take a few minutes to install. After it’s done, you’ll see the success message with your website’s details.

How To Start Writing 750 Word Articles For Websites

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And that is it, you have successfully installed Word, Press on Bluehost and launched your blog! Now you can access your blog at the domain you chose (like www. To log in to the dashboard of your Word, Press site and start customizing it, you can just add /login/ or /admin/ to the end of your site URL.

How To Write A Blog Post To Get Paid

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com to your domain). On the left pane click on . Click on the button. You’ll be taken to a page where Themes are listed. Hover your mouse over the one you like and click on . After it has been installed, click on the button. That’s it! For more detailed instructions, you can see this beginner’s guide to installing Word, Press themes, or watch this video: You can also see this roundup of the best Word, Press themes for more options.

How To Write 1,500 Word Blog Posts To Sell On LegiitHow To Start Writing 2,000 Word Blogs For Websites

Plugins can get your site to perform effectively and efficiently. You can get the best features available out there if you pick the right plugins. With the help of plugins you can get any type of feature or function you want on your website. There are over 54,000 Word, Press plugins available in the market for you to choose from.

In this section we’re going to pick out the best Word, Press plugins for you and we’ll also teach you how to install them. How to Install a Plugin on Word, Press From your Word, Press dashboard, you can install a plugin by following these steps: Click on on your Word, Press left hand menu.

How To Start Writing An Article For Money

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It helps you configure Google Analytics on your Word, Press site. Monster, Insights gives you a detailed traffic analysis of your website, which helps in measuring the performance of your blog. With analytics, you can figure out what content works best on your blog and give your audience what they’re looking for.

This makes it an essential plugin to have installed on your site. It’s free. WP Super Cache speeds up your blog by making it load faster for your readers. No one likes to land on a blog that takes forever to load, that is an excellent way to drive your readers away.

It’s free, but they do have a premium version that has more options. Looking for more Word, Press plugins to add features to your site? Check out our roundup of the best Word, Press plugins. Now that we’ve installed these must have plugins, we’re one more step closer to our goal of creating an awesome blog.

How To Write An Article To Create An Income

Let AI Write Your Blog Content - Free Trial Offer

Uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs”. Now that you have these settings in place, it’s time to move on to the next step, create your core pages - article creation for money. Back to the top Step 7: Create Your Core Pages and Main Menu Next we’re going to list down some essential pages that you need to have, along with our recommendations on how to build them.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference, check out this detailed guide to posts vs. pages in Word, Press. When first starting a blog, you’ll need to create these pages: About Page, Contact Page How to Create a Page in Word, Press To add a new page in Word, Press, just click on .

Check out these Word, Press content editor tips for more details. When you’re done, just click the button and it will be live on your site. Let’s take a look at how to create these pages and what they should include. 1. About Page On your “About” page, you should introduce yourself to your readers and talk about what they can expect from your blog.

Tips To Start Writing A Blog Post To Earn A Living

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2. Contact Page A contact page is essential if you want your readers to get in touch with you. You can create a contact form in less than 5 minutes with WPForms. All you need to do is add some instructions and the plugin will take care of the rest.

Enter a name for your menu (I just named mine “Main Menu”) and click . Now you can add your new pages to the menu. On the left side under , check the box next to the pages you want to add to your menu. Then click . To add the menu to your header, click on tab at the top.

Back to the top Step 8: Generate Content Ideas and Write Your First Post Alright, ready to get started with blogging? The first thing you should decide is how often you’ll write and publish a new blog post - article writing for Digital Marketing. The best way to go about it is to make a content calendar.

How To Automatically Write 500 Word Blogs To Sell On Fiverr

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I recommend starting with . This will give you plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of your new blog. As a blogger you’ll need to be as disciplined as possible. If you’re serious about scaling your blog then make sure that you don’t miss the deadlines you set for yourself.

You should know their problems and then try to come up with solutions that helps them. But when you’re first getting started with a blog, you don’t have an audience yet! So how do you know what they want to read? There are two ways how you can find what your readers wants to read.

Analyzing Your Competition You can gain a lot of ideas if you go through other websites in your niche or industry, and see what they blog about. In step 1 above, we talked about researching other blog posts to pick a niche for your blog. You can revisit those same sites to get ideas for blog posts.

How To Start Writing An Article Like A Professional Writer

Tips For Writing 1,000 Word Blog Posts For MoneyHow To Start Writing 4,000 Word Articles For Businesses
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Your blog posts should be 100% original. Think about how you can improve on your competitor’s posts and create something even better. Researching the Communities Where Your Readers Are Most Active There are a lot of communities and forums on the internet that can help you get more ideas. Our favorites are Reddit and Quora.

How To Automatically Write 500 Word Blog Posts For Websites

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Ever wondered how to start a blog and make enough money blogging to quit your job? You can do it. Tons of people already have. Want definitive proof? The blog you’re reading right now gets over 2,436,100 unique visitors a year and generates well over a million dollars in annual revenue.

So, yes. Blocks of text and a handful of images can generate life-changing amounts of money. Want to know something else? I started from the same place you’re at right now. The only difference between you and me is that I’ve already been doing this for a decade. Look, I stumbled a LOT along the way.

Had tons of terrible ideas. This guide shows you how to avoid the same mistakes I did. Not only will your path be easier, you’ll get there a lot quicker. Your 2-minute quick start cheat sheet Looking for a barebones, quick start guide to get started as fast as possible? In this section, we won’t cover everything, only the essential steps.

The Best Way To Write An Article For Money

Now let’s go through the whole process in detail. Here are the 10 steps to take: If you want to create a blog, you don’t need a revolutionary idea. But, your blog should be focused on something specific. Remember that no idea, no matter how good, is truly unique. But, you have unique experiences.

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Most importantly, you won’t be able to consistently create content that will build your audience. If you are still lost, think about what your family and friends come to you for when seeking advice? It might be fitness, recipes, or relationship advice - blog writing for websites. You know best. You might feel like the only 23-year-old who’s obsessed with knitting.

This is your brand. It’s how people will remember you. But don’t overthink it. The magic of a brand gets built over time. Even if you feel stuck, keep moving forward. The best way to land on the perfect name is to start with brainstorming. In the last step, we talked about unleashing all of your ideas and nailing down your niche.

How To Start Writing 1,000 Word Articles To Sell On Legiit

As an example, is my domain. Neil Patel is who I am, but it’s also my brand and what you type into the address bar to find me. But that also means you can’t use the domain because I already own it. You could do what I did and use your personal name as your domain.

Scroll down and select the Basic Plan for $2. 95/month. It includes everything you need when you’re just getting started. And you can always upgrade later if you need to. So, for now, select the Basic Plan. Next, you get the chance to register the domain name you found in step two.

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So, make sure you uncheck all the boxes except privacy + protection - article creation to sell on Legiit. You’re almost there – just one more thing Enter your payment information, read the auto renewal terms, and hit submit. After that, you’re done with the hardest part! Don’t forget to follow the rest of the instructions to set up your account.

How To Write A Blog To Earn A Living

You can’t start a blog without blogging software. I run all of my blogs on Word, Press because it’s user-friendly, free, and powerful. If you decide to make a blog that’s not on Word, Press you’ll find that it is much more costly as Word, Press offers tons of free plugins that allow you to modify your blog in any way, shape, or form.

In the blogging world, Word, Press designs are called themes. Out of the box, your blog will look something like this: It isn’t the fanciest design out there, but it’s workable. Find something that fits with your name, brand, and the experience you want readers to have. There are thousands of themes to choose from.

You can swap out your theme any time, so choose something that’s good enough for now rather than stressing over the perfect option. Like your brand, your themes are probably going to evolve over time as you figure out what works best in practice. Let’s go through selecting a theme step by step.

How To Start Writing An Article To Earn A Living

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Click the “Add New” button at the top to get access to thousands of Word, Press themes. Your taste and mine might be different. Fortunately, Word, Press has a “Feature Filter” that lets you search for something that will fit your style. The three categories are “layout,” “features” and “subject.” Here’s what your filter requests might look like.

Let’s move on to customizing your theme. There are endless customizations that you can make on a Word, Press blog. We’ll stick with the essentials. Themes are the foundation of your design and include the core functionalities. Word, Press also has plugins that can add to or extend the functionality of your blog.

But, Word, Press makes it insanely simple to optimize the technical aspects of your blog. The majority of your SEO efforts will be to create engaging content for real people. Whether that’s through text, videos, or images, your job as a blogger is to spark a relationship with your readers.

How To Start Writing 1,000 Word Articles For Internet Marketing

Hover over the plugins menu on the side and click “Add New.” Search for “Yoast SEO” in the search bar and it will be the first result that comes up. Click the “Install Now” button. Then, hit the “Activate” button once the installation is complete. You can access the plugin’s settings from the new SEO menu in the sidebar or by clicking the icon at the top.

How To Start Writing 750 Word Blogs To Sell On FiverrHow To Automatically Write 4,000 Word Articles To Sell On Legiit
How To Start Writing 4,000 Word Blogs For SEOHow To Write 4,000 Word Blogs For Digital Marketing
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Step 3 is the website type - blog creation for money. Choose blog and click next. The next step is to set yourself up as a company or person. We already set this up before, so you can skip this step. In step 5, you can add any social profiles that are associated with your blog.

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